The Company

“We polish the diamond in the simplest way possible”

Affina is a wine consultancy with decades of field experience. We are a group of specialized professionals, with complementary and highly qualified skills, gained nationally and internationally. We assist wineries of any size and production philosophy, supporting them throughout the entire supply chain. We lead our customers’ growth, guaranteeing a full service, from the vine to the wine, managing also the company’s training and communication. We share our skills within the group and keep them always up-to-date through continuing professional development, making Affina a solid and competitive partner, capable of delivering best-in-class solutions and offer to customers a flexible and dynamic approach that will satisfy all their needs. We support our partners with dedication and humility to achieve the desired goals.



Initial study of exposure, slopes and type of terrain. Stratigraphy and soil scanning. Fertilization and zoning plan for the optimization of wine production.


Selection of genetic material for the planting of a new vineyard. Agronomic interventions: winter pruning, shoots selection, canopy management and crop protection. Grape tasting and analysis before the harvest.


Cellar design and machinery selection. Wine-making protocols and personalized assistance. Selection of mixtures and refining method. Analysis and comparative tests laboratory.


Wine clarification and preparation for bottling. Sanitation interventions and checklists for quality controls. Microbiological analysis on bottled product and selection of bottles and caps.


Training of winery and vineyard personnel. Release of protocols for the correct execution of operations in the vineyard and in the cellar. Continuing professional development and news in the field.


Brand and corporate identity development. Product style and creation of new packaging. Website development and social network profile management. Brand communication and positioning.

Faithful to the tradition and history of our customers, we value the uniqueness of every single wine-making market in which we operate. Driven by an international vision, we are ready to face an increasingly complex global market..



Simone Interdonato

I specialized in viticultural and oenological sciences at the University of Asti in Italy and Montpellier in France.

I was born in the province of Milan, where I graduated in viticulture and oenology, while I grew up around the world. I specialized in viticultural and oenological sciences at the University of Asti in Italy and Montpellier in France. I wrote my experimental thesis at the INRA (Institut National De La Recherche Agronomique – National Institute of Agronomic Research) in Gruissan, France. I started working at a very young age. While studying, I had the chance to participate to various harvests in Italy (Lombardy, Trentino, Abruzzo, Campania, Basilicata, Sicily and Puglia) and to deepen my knowledge of working in the vineyard in Piedmont. Moreover, I had the opportunity to travel in the southern hemisphere, where I took part to harvests in South Africa, Argentina and Australia. After completing my studies, I started working as a winemaker in central and southern Italy, before moving to Lombardy and Piedmont and finally to Sicily, where I worked for several years. After the Sicilian experience I decided to leave and complete my training abroad. I then worked in vineyards and in harvests in New Zealand, Chile, California and once again in Australia. In 2018 I developed the idea of Affina, which was officially launched in 2019.
I am a big fan of sea, surfing, underwater fishing and swimming.
Teodosio D'Apolito

I attended the university of Pisa, where I graduated in viticulture and oenology.

I’m from Salento, where the plain is constantly lashed by the sea breeze and the sun conditions the life of men and plants. My father has been a winegrower for two generations, and he passed on to me the passion for viticulture and oenology when, as a very small child, he took me to vineyards at the moment when the dawn dyed red the leaves of Primitivo and Negroamaro. I began my studies in the field during high school, at the Agricultural Technical Institute of Lecce. Then I attended the University of Pisa, where I studied viticulture and oenology. I immediately started working as a winery winemaker at an important company in the province of Brindisi and continued my studies until I earned my MA in viticultural sciences and technologies. I have 10 years of experience working in some of the most important wineries of southern Italy: not only in Puglia, but also in Basilicata and Sicily. In 2017 I started my career as a freelance consultant, and in 2019 I started working with Affina.
Francesco Righetti

I attended the university of Milan, where I graduated in viticulture and oenology.

I was born and raised in Valpolicella, where my family has been producing wine for five generations. It has always been clear to me that I’d be working in oenology so, after studying science during high school, I attended the university of Milan, where I graduated in viticulture and oenology.
Throughout my life I worked in cellars, laboratories and vineyards. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to expand my knowledge through study trips and experiences abroad.
After working in South Africa and Bordeaux, I started managing the family company and supporting other local small businesses.
Thanks to my complete vision of what the management of a wine company entails, I developed a working methodology based on pure and simple qualitative and economic efficiency, on promoting the uniqueness of the project and on sustainability.
In 2019 I joined the Affina project.
I am passionate about fitness, running and ski touring.
Davide Misturini

BA in Agricultural Science and Technology, MA in Precision Agriculture

was born in Verona and I graduated from the University of Padua. I worked for many years at a well-known company specializing in agricultural machinery, and since 2016 I have been providing consulting services to companies wishing to introduce modern sustainable and precision farming techniques. I am specialized and have a great experience in the use of technology and sensors in agriculture for studying soil variability and vegetative state of crops. In 2017, I obtained a Master's degree in Precision Agriculture at the University of Teramo. I also wrote several articles and a book on these topics. Since 2020, I collaborate with Affina for the development of precision viticulture projects.

I am passionate about technology and fishing